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Beginners Guide To Horse Racing Accumulators

While a single bet on, for example, Barcelona to win at home against Girona will not have an especially tempting price on it, several bets on favourites on the same betting slip can bring in significant rewards. You can combine that Barcelona bet with another one on Chelsea, one on Bayern Munich and one on Celtic. All four of those teams are usually strong favourites when playing in their domestic competitions. Here, you can see the four fold bet explained, and we will also provide some tips on how you can make this type of betting work for you.

A William Hill spokesman said the bet was “the most amazing ever” since betting shops were made legal in 1961. In another odd twist of fate, the eight horse in his set just so happened to be called A Dream Come True, which was surely a sign. Few lives have changed quite as dramatically as that of Englishman Darren Yates. Famously, that is exactly what happened when Dettori pulled off what came to be known as the Magnificent Seven, an achievement that went down in horsey history.

Also please consider that all bookmakers have a maximum payout. Therefore if you are going for that miracle bet don’t add selections that you will not benefit from as it would be heartbreaking if you missed out on a huge payday unnecessary. This means your original stake will be doubled so you can cover the price of both bets.

In order to win, each of your picks must win, whatever the event might be. These bets can work on any or all sports, even at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you have picked out one or two horses for the afternoon’s top racing meet and added in some football selections from that night’s fixture list.

Free Bets – Almost all acca insurance offers give you money back as a free bet. Some free bets have short expiry’s (e.g. 24 hours) although the average is around a week. The free bet may be restricted to a certain sport (e.g football) or market and may even come with minimum and/or maximum odds. Of course bear in mind with acca insurance that although you get your money back it is a free token that you will need to bet again with that bookie and the stake is usually not returned. Minimum Number of Legs – All accumulator offers have a minimum number of legs . Most acca insurance starts at 5+ (although you can find 4+) with most bonuses starting lower, generally trebles or higher but you can now find bonuses on doubles, especially for sports like tennis.

Remarkably, the accumulator bets were on nothing to do with sport, but one two postcodes where it would snow on Christmas Day. Straight-line accumulators are often referred to as accas but other forms include permutation bets, with both forms often the subject of special boost offerings from bookmakers. However, because a series of bets need to be successful in order to win the bet, the likelihood of this occurring is reduced, hence the better odds. My foray into the world of sports betting was as a punter, primarily following the ups and downs (well, mostly downs…) of my local team as they battled against the ever-present threat of relegation.

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What Is A Football Accumulator And How To Bet On One?

It may say multiple and the number of selections that you have added. There may also be other Multiples markets shown such as Singles, Doubles, Trebles etc. It should always state 1x bet meaning you are placing one bet. When you’ve found it enter your stake and place your bet.

In this case, you may cash out the available amount of benefits. Some bookmakers offer accumulators insurance, which means that your wager will be considered to be a free bet if only one of events from your accumulator loses. But by looking at these numbers, which are indicative of the overround, we can see how with an accumulator, the bookie’s margin multiplies. Whilst you can easily be blinded by the potential for a massive return, the bookie is rubbing their hands at the huge profit margin they have on these bets. The issue with accumulators that many punters are not aware of, too often being blinded by the dizzying returns, is that whilst the effective odds spiral, so too does the bookie’s profit margin. Let us look at the simplest of simple accas, a double, to illustrate this, once again using the example of a coin toss in two cricket matches.

So, if your acca wins, you take £600, minus the £50 wagered on cover bet, leaving you with £550 total. If the acca loses, you lose the acca, but you still take the £75 from the cover bet, minus the £10 original stake, leaving you with £65 in total and £15 profit. You need to discipline yourself away from simply searching for bets to increase the bottom line. If you find yourself searching for these bets in markets or even sports that you don’t normally bet on just to get the price up, you’ve gone too far and it’s a sure-fire way to decrease your chances on winning . But, the difficulty increases that bit more the more bets that you put in. If you look at it as literal odds, it should change your opinion.

The price that you get from your accumulator is something that a lot of people get confused by, but actually the process in working out your odds is very simple. We will add a selection now, to our previous selection England. This involves betting on the three biggest underdogs in your favourite league. Sure it’s very unlikely to come through, but if it does you’ll not only claim a huge pay-off but probably end up on the front page of the Daily Mail holding an oversized novelty cheque.

As a 4 fold, 5 fold, 6 fold or 7 fold bet gives you the chance to increase your potential returns by a considerable amount, it’s easy to see why accumulator betting in Canada is so popular. If you placed one, single bet of $1 on Manchester United to win, you could get a return of $3, with $2 being profit. Similarly, a single bet on Arsenal beating Everton at odds of 3/1 would get you a total return of $4, with a profit of $3, from a stake of $1. All of which shows that accumulator betting can sometimes get a little complicated. However, an accumulator bet tends to carry more risk than a standard, single bet. With an accumulator, you’re betting on more than one event, so it’s more difficult to predict the outcome of every event in your accumulator.

From a total stake of just $1, this bet would give you a profit of $359, providing every selection was successful. If you increased your stake to $4, taking the view that you would normally place four single bets of $1, the total returns could be as high as $1,440, using the odds above. If you placed the above bets as two singles, you would be laying down $2 in total ($1 stake on each bet) and potentially getting $5 back in profit, it both bets were successful. Alternatively, if Man Utd won their match but Arsenal lost theirs, you could get $2 profit back from your first back, and nothing from the second. If you take the lost stake from the second bet into account, you would still come out with a profit of $1 from placing these two, single bets.

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Straight Line Accumulator Explained I Quick Betting Guide

You then come into touch with the option of an ‘each way’ accumulator too. For each leg of your accumulator, your odds get multiplied. For example, if you backed a England’s top four – Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Manchester United – to win their game all four of them would have to win. If three won 5-0 but Man United only managed a draw then you will lose your stake. We did have a Six-fold on another bet that came in so it wasn’t all bad news. However, the excitement was incredible and the total cost of our bets were only £10.

So long as your acca is comprised of value bets, you’re good to go. In this example, Leg 1 is at odds of 2.00, but we have assessed the probability of this fold being a winner is only 40%. This is not a value bet and as the error message suggests, you should exclude this selection from your acca.

This strategy ensures that if your outright accumulator lets you down by one runner, you can make a tidy profit if that runner still places. An alternative horse racing accumulator bet involves each-way betting. An each-way accumulator is a two-part bet, designed to ensure punters get something back if their runners fail to win outright but manage to place. Simply add the relevant number of selections to the betslip. Then add your stake beside the multiple bet type you wish to place.

What you will find in your high street store is that a coupon sheet is printed in the morning and the odds are set for the rest of the day. The bookies know that odds could change, although not massively, but accumulatively it makes a huge difference. An increased overround are generally added to these bets as a result, meaning that rarely do they offer better value than online. We spoke earlier in the article about the need for shopping around for these types of bets due to just small odds differences making huge changes to the bottom line of an accumulator. You can then combine players from a number of groups to create your acca.

The explanation of this is pretty simple as accumulator or parlay bets might yield more substantial payouts in comparison with the other betting options soccer lovers are allowed to select from. Accumulator or parlay bets, as they are also known, fall into the category of one of the most preferred manners of wagering on football. For example, you might expect Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea to win their respective matches but also win by at least two clear goals.

A football accumulator can be based on a range of bet types across multiple leagues and tournaments. cannot be held liable for the outcome of the events reviewed on the website. Please bear in mind that sports betting can result in the loss of your stake. Before placing a wager on any event, all bettors must consider their budget and ensure they are at least 18 years old.

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All About Accumulator Bets

Cash Out can be a great way of profiting from your accumulators while they are still in-running, but make sure you are getting some value before you decide to pull the pin. While it may seem like a great way to mitigate risk, the best value move is often to simply hold on to your acca to the very end. Once we have determined that each of our selections is a value bet, we can see the value of our accumulator calculated and displayed in green. In this example, given our odds of 18.11 and our assessed probability of 7.28%, our accumulator has a value of 31.75%.

That said, it is possibly to land a big return, but the professionals will leave this to the casual punters. Accumulators can provide a bit of fun and a buzz if you do win, but from there you might want to chase even bigger wins which reduce your chances of winning further. A Lucky 31 is also easier and quicker to place than making all 31 bets individually.

In this article, we show you what accumulator bets are, how they work, and how to place them. We also clarify when to play them and how the most common acca bonuses work. This information will come in very handy if you decide to play this type of bet. Unlike multiple bets, to win an accumulator, all selections need to win. If one part of your acca lets you down, the entire bet loses.

Finally, the calculator will then workout the total return and the total profit for your accumulator bet. Actually there is nothing difficult about calculating your potential winnings from an accumulator bets. Probably, the easiest way to calculate it is to turn your odds into decimal, if they are not already decimal, which every online bookmaker has as an option.

An acca bonus is where you place an accumulator of a given number of folds and if your acca is successful, you’ll receive a bonus on top of your winnings. Using markets such as Asian handicaps can help bring consistency to your winning accumulators. Let’s say you have chosen six long shot underdogs for the weekend’s football, all at around odds of 4.00 to 6.00. Bookmaker commission is the share a bookmaker subtracts from what we would refer to as ‘fair odds’.

However, the odds will improve substantially, so if you do win, your returns could be very high. Further down you will see a series of other multiple bet types, known as ‘full cover bets’. These are called full cover bets because they cover all possible multiple combinations from your selected events. Using the example of 4 selections you could place a Lucky 15 bet. This is 15 individual bets packaged into one bet type and covers, in this instance, 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a single 4-fold accumulator. In this easy to follow guide, we consider the wonderful world of accumulator betting (acca’s).

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Accumulator Betting Explained, How To Bet Guide, Strategy And Best Betting Sites

Despite the fact that such bets might seem slightly intimidating at first, you should not fret about this as in practice, they are simply bets which gather two or more selections into a single stake. In other words, this means that football bettors are simply making several predictions concurrently. Since you are gathering several stakes into a single accumulator bet, this means that you are also pulling the odds together, thus, having the chance to sweep some remarkable wins. With massive returns to be made, accumulators are extremely popular amongst bettors. If you get odds of 2/1 on Man Utd, and they win, this gives you a return of $3, with a $1 stake.

With the low strike rate of accumulator winners, it’s crucial to maintain your discipline and look to include value bets rather than short odds outcomes, merely because you believe they are more likely to happen. There are a number of pros and cons when it comes to betting on accumulators. While there is the potential for huge payouts, consistency of winning accumulators can be an issue. He has an in-depth knowledge of football, gained through 30+ years of supporting Crystal Palace, and would like to think he knows everything there is to know about sports betting.

Recommended bets are advised to over-18s and we strongly encourage readers to wager only what they can afford to lose. Past performance is not an indication of future results. does not facilitate betting on sports; is not a sportsbook/bookmaker; and does not handle any payments for sports betting purposes. We’ve processed more than 3,524,428 betting tips from thousands of tipsters.

A Super Yankee or Canadian consists of twenty-six bets on five selections i.e. 10 Doubles, 10 Trebles, 5 Fourfold Accumulators and 1 Fivefold Accumulator. All five selections must be successful to have a return. Cash or Bonus Winnings – If using a bonus have a look and see if the bonus winnings are paid out in cash or promotional funds. Cash is obviously better, promotional funds will come with an expiry and critically a rollover, meaning you will need to bet your winnings several times over before it becomes real cash.

A lot of bookies will offer promotions that will refund your stake if just one of your selections lets you down. Some online betting sites will also give you a bonus which increases the more selections you make, we will discuss this in more detail later. Accumulator betting involves betting on multiple selections in the same bet slip. The odds for each selection are multiplied by each other and by the initial stake to determine the total winnings. In most cases, if one selection loses, the whole football accumulator bet will be lost.

Alternatively, if you bet on “Both Teams To Score – No”, you would require neither team or just one team to score a goal during the match in order for the bet to win. WR- Wagering Requirement – Some bonuses have wagering requirements attached. For example, a £10 casino bonus might have a 5x wagering requirement. This would mean you need to play through a total of £50 worth of bets before the bonus itself can be withdrawn. Note, this does not necessarily mean you need to deposit or risk £50 to do this, as you would use any winnings to continue the wagering. These types of coupons still exist in betting shops today.

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How To Place An Accumulator Bet On Bet365

One of the most popular football bets is an accumulator, also known as an ‘acca’, which combines bets from multiple games into one bet to create a bigger payout. Even if you are a complete newcomer to sports betting, the chances are that you have heard the term ‘accumulator’ (or ‘acca’ as they are colloquially known). This is a type of bet that offers you the opportunity to win more money – but at a greater risk. In the most simplistic of terms, an accumulator bet is a single bet placed on four of more different events. In order to win, all of your selections have to be correct. If you are new to accumulator betting online, you can also try our accumulator calculator.

As stated above, one of the most challenging things about accumulator bets remains to make only correct picks. Thus, your chances of making correct picks will diminish with every additional selection you decide to include. As we mentioned in the introduction an accumulator is a single bet with multiple legs. For example Man Utd might be priced at odds of 2-1 to win against Man City.

All four selections must be successful to have a return. A Trixie consists of four bets on three selections in different events i.e. 3 Doubles and 1 Treble. A Treble is one bet on three selections in different events.

You can of course work out by using traditional odds, but it’s much more time consuming. There are a few ways you can make money from accumulators, taking advantage of the fact that bookmakers want you to place accumulators. If you look at any market now and calculate it like I have advised, I can guarantee the implied probability will be over 100%. For the better bookmakers, it tends to be a lower margin, this is because they have more customers. It is very difficult to calculate true probability, if bookmakers were to offer fair odds, they wouldn’t be profitable.

You will often hear people talk about four-fold, five-fold, 10-fold and so on. The number the precedes ‘fold’ means how many legs are in your bet. The screenshots are taken from bet365 but the process is almost identical at all the best betting sites.

If you can’t be bothered to work out the odds yourself, or you want to compare various bet options, then try a Bet Calculator. The one available from BetVictor is superb, free to use and allows you to basically build any multiple bet your want. You can even use it to work out if you were given correct returns if there is a deal heat, rule 4 deductions or void selection. If you want to calculate accumulator odds yourself then it is really simple, this is just serial multiplication. Accumulators are difficult to win but can result in very high returns for very low stakes. Bettors who feel that they are well versed in the sport they are betting on and the participants who are competing can stand to significantly benefit from a well-chosen accumulator.

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Four Fold Bet Explained

Upon deciding your stake (£10 will be used for this example) you’ll want to enter that in the four-folds box and click the yellow place bet button. But here’s what will happen if you accidentally select one of the other options. Pro – By putting selections together, you’re increasing the odds which means some very big payouts can be achieved by the accumulating individually modest odds. Find your answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bet365 accumulators bets below. For example, the value of a 10-fold acca is greater than a 5-fold.

You should in theory be able to combine selections from many sports on an accumulator bet. To work out an accumulator bet you just need to multiply your stake and all the odds selections together. If all selections win you would yield a far greater return than you would having placed single bets on each. AP- Ante-Post – This is a horse racing market that appears long before a race is due to start.

To do this I recommend you pick your selections wisely and research your bets before placing them. Overall, whilst it’s difficult to win huge accumulators with massive odds, you’re far more likely to win accas with a sensible number of selections. Whilst this might be the most interesting part of your accumulator betting strategy, there are a number of benefits to doing so and you’re more likely to win your accumulator. Therefore in order to win more accumulators, I recommend you consider the number of selections carefully. Unless you’re up for a gamble, don’t create accas with 10 folds and chase that one big win. As we’ve already looked at, accumulators are incredibly popular for one main reason.

So for an outlay of £2, you would win £5.50 if your bet was successful – a profit of £3.50. This page gives a complete football based example of the calculations undertaken to work out how much is returned for a double bet. A unit stake is placed on each of the 2 parts with the returns pooled to reach the total returns for the wager. A standard to-win accumulator bet as outlined in the examples above. For instance in the example above if Manchester United had failed to beat Fulham, the “Manchester United To Win” selection would have lost and hence so would the accumulator, resulting in an overall loss of £5.

Once you’re happy with your selections, you hand the slip and stake money over to the cashier. They will give you back a slip, which also acts as a receipt, and you will be required to show this when collecting any winnings. Most of the time, this slip will give you a potential return amount. A Single Stakes About is an Any To Come bet consisting of two selections from events, these are then compiled to produce two bets derived from two singles. Any return on each single is used to fund a further single on the other selection.

Odds of 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 and 1/2 accumulate to a return of 2/1 and many punters view such an acca as an almost guaranteed way to treble their money on four selections that “surely” will all win. An accumulator can be viewed as any bet with more than one selection where all selections have to win for the wager to return anything. It can be as little as two picks right up to 10, 15 or even more, with larger accas usually referred to by number (a 10-fold accumulator or a 15-fold accumulator). Your stake and winnings from the first bet roll over onto the second and so on, with the stake gradually accumulating, which is why these bets can yield such incredible wins. A Yankee bet is an array of accumulator bets composed of four selections.

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Accumulator Bet Guide

However, the more events you add, the less likely you are to win the bet. If you want to increase the risk for a potentially big payout, it may be worth adding more events to the bet. People place ACCAs in both online Sportsbooks and betting shops. These types of bet have high potential, but there is a catch.

Aside from the big successes, there’s also been some heartache too. Who could forget the 2015 Cheltenham Festival when punters lumped on all Willie Mullins horses on day one. It was all on Annie Power to complete a ‘banker’ four-fold accumulator in the Mares’ Hurdle. It looked to be going to plan when Ruby Walsh led Annie Power to the front, only to fall at the final hurdle, leading to anguish on the faces of millions with betting slips in hand.

Winning will return £110 which means £100 profit and a 1100% return on your investment. The financial risk is less given your one-off, the reward is greater, but the chances of winning are reduced and you’re handing more of a margin to the bookmaker. The other thing worth knowing when placing an accumulator with your bookmaker is how many selections they permit. If you’re planning on placing a mega accumulator in the hope of striking it lucky, then most bookmakers do limit you to adding 20 selections to your accumulator.

Boylesports are currently offering acca insurance on acca of at least fivefolds, with your stake refunded if one fold loses. Winner Sports are currently offering acca insurance on acca of sixfolds or more. If one fold lets you down, Winner Sports will refund your acca stake up to a maximum stake of £25. An accumulator composed of eight folds where you bet against the eight teams you despise most. Not only will a winning hateful eight acca bring you a huge payout, but you’ll also bask in the knowledge that the it came at the expense of the clubs you most loath.

Now many punters look at this and think, well, each of these selections is near on certain to happen and will place a lazy £100 on it. But again, the reality is that it is still a bet at odds of 6.78, regardless of how likely each selection may appear to be. Throughout the football season you can find the best free football acca tips on the bettingexpert football tips page. Here you can find some of the best football tipsters on the web, with tips posted across dozens of leagues. Simply find a selection of the best tips and create your footy acca from those individual tips. Firstly we have to determine the probability of our acca winning.

The four selections usually take the form of simple bets, like backing a football team to win a match, or tennis players to progress to the next round of a tournament. Accumulator bets are one of the most popular betting ways through players from all over the world. As you already know accumulator bets are simple a straight single bet column, which combines multiple selections in it. The biggest advantage and actually what makes accumulator bets so preferable is the fact that odds are extremely high, but you should know that the risk of losing is also higher.

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Are Accumulators Worth It & Are You Likely To Win With Accas In 2020?

Some bookmakers include doubles and trebles in their definition of accumulator, and technically there is no reason not to do so. The betting term ‘accumulator’ refers to a single bet that involves at least four selections, but possibly many more than four. The most important difference that separates accumulator bets from other bet types is that all selections must come true in order for the bet to pay out. When a bet is ‘Draw No Bet’, it is cancelled in the event of a draw, and the stake is returned to the bettor.

Therefore, if all selections are successful, your acca payout for a total stake of £10 will be £135.20, with a net profit of £125.20. Typically, a bookmaker will say that if just one leg of a five team or more accumulator lets you down, they will give you a free bet. If you want to know how to win an accumulator bet, read on. The odds of each selection is multiplied by the next, which is one of the main benefits of an accumulator as this can lead to big odds. An accumulator is risky, especially when you increase the number of selections. The first part of an each-way accumulator is the standard accumulator bet — placing one bet on four or more selections to win their races.

Now that you have seen the four fold bet explained, you should have a good idea about how you can incorporate this type of wagering into your own betting strategies. If you plan and prepare properly, and use your sporting knowledge to place carefully chosen bets, then four fold accumulators can be a solid source of betting success for you. Always remember that small odds bets can become really profitable when combined together in an accumulator. New customers only, min deposit and bet £10 (£20 if E/W bet) from UK Debit card only. 2 x £10 Free Bets valid for 7 days, stake not returned, no cash out.

The more bets you spread your stakes across, the more likely you are to win, assuming you’re finding value which suggests the odds are wrong. So, if you do your research correctly, you will be more likely to see a profit over a wider sample of bets. The advantage of an accumulator is that winnings are much higher.

Each accumulator bet consists of multiple selections, all of which should be winning in order to take the amount from the whole accumulator bet. There is only one thing about accumulator bet, which you should remember, you are not allowed to combine markets from the same event, which is called related bets. Related bets are simply more than 2 bets, which can influence each other.

In a standard accumulator, all of your selections must win in order for the bet to land. The beauty of an accumulator is that putting all of your selections into one bet quickly increases the odds. If you make several selections, you need only stake a small amount of money to give yourself a chance of a big win.

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Accumulator Betting In 2021

The allure of accas and the huge returns they can deliver is perhaps better highlighted by an even bigger example. Let us consider a hypothetical £10 football bet on 10 home favourites at a range of prices. An Acca Bonus involves a bookmaker offering you a bonus on top of your winning acca profits.

If you are going to use accumulators, then be sure to make the most of acca insurance offerswhere you can at least get your stake bet in the inevitable circumstance that one selection does indeed scupper your bet. Most top UK betting sites offer some form of insurance on accumulator bets as well other forms of accumulator promotions which you can see here. Just click on all your selections and they will appear in your e-betting slip. Once you have made all of your picks, head over to your betting slip where you can choose from the available options.

It is, therefore, more appropriate to focus on the bets types with four or more selections. To really answer the question of how does an accumulator bet work, it can be useful to look at an example to have accumulator betting explained. If you want to place a double bet, for example, you’ll include two events in your accumulator. If Manchester United are playing Chelsea and Arsenal are playing Everton, for example, you may want to bet on Man Utd and Arsenal to win.

A number of bookmakers now offer the ability to Cash Out of your bets in-running to as to take a given profit or to limit your losses. Cash Out is now available to accumulators as well giving you the ability to Cash Out out of your acca while you have selections still alive. Yes, the odds will be lower (a sixfold Asian handicap acca would be at odds of around 47.00), but the value will be roughly the same and the consistency of your winning accas will improve. Mixing match results with Asian handicap selections, goal totals over unders, both teams to score and draw no bets, can provide you with a greater range of value bets to add to your accas. Not only can you create accas across a number of leagues, but you can also create accas across a range of markets.

SNR- Stake Not Returned – This usually applies to free bets. It means the free bet stake is not included with the winnings. We use this setting in the calculator for any free bets that are SnR. It can also be used to lock-in a profit on bets where you only get a refund if your bet loses. ARB- Arbitrage bet – When the back odds are higher than the lay odds.

Join and place a £10 fixed odds bet at odds of 1/2 or greater. Once the bet is settled, get a £10 free fixed odds bet plus a £5 free Total Goals football spread bet. The second £10 free fixed odds bet and second £5 free Total Goals football spread bet will be credited 24 hours later. Free bet stakes not included in any winnings from the free fixed odds bets.